Spread your Wings

How do I know that Global FDI Ltd is the right partner for me?

Our team of experts that will partner with you to provide the support you and your business needs enabling you to concentrate on growing your business. We provide a full virtual head-office and ongoing business support services, from planning your venture in the UK, company formation and legal assistance to ongoing accounting, HR & Payroll and health and safety compliance. Our specialists are on hand to answer any questions and will help find solutions to any problem.

How do you customize your services for niche companies?

Whether you would like us to form your company in the UK or have already been established, we offer our partners ongoing support through bespoke monthly modules depending on the services your business requires. Your consultant will personally discuss with you your business needs and work out which options would be best for you. Our modules are flexible and will adapt to your companies requirements as your grow. 

As the marketplace changes. Can you help us to stay ahead?

Our specialists and constantly monitoring changes to the law, accounting practices and health and safety measures to ensure all our clients are ahead of the game. We keep abreast of the changing market to ensure that your business is compliant and help you make the necessary changes to stay relevant. Our team has helped our clients through may changes in law and compliance especially through the challenging time of Brexit with changes to importing and exporting goods through to Sponsorships and visa applications.